Arab Council for Childhood and Development


The Arab Council for Childhood and Development (ACCD) is an Arab non-governmental organization, with a legal personality, that was established in 1987 upon the initiative of Prince Talal bin Abdul Aziz (Chairman of the Board of Trustees), and is based in Cairo.

ACCD works to support and coordinate governmental and non-governmental efforts and adopt ideas for the protection and development of Arab children, and ensure their rights, according to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The ACCD undertakes coordination and cooperation with the Arab League (AL). It is a permanent member in the AL Childhood Committee, a member of the UN Economic and Social Council, and representative of the Middle East and North Africa in the Advisory Board of the non-governmental organizations, charged with the follow-up on the implementation of the recommendations of the UN Secretary General study on violence against children. The ACCD carried out a number of projects to promote civil society, and activate the Arab and international strategy and conventions on children. Among the most prominent initiatives and projects were;

the Arab Project for street children, combating violence against children, the call for establishing supreme councils for Children's, supporting the childhood civil society, developing children's rights, child labor, early childhood development, children's culture development, building the capacity of civil society, and the Arab strategy for the development of the language of the child.

The ACCD issues a periodical entitled "Khotwa" (step), which deals with children's issues, a magazine entitled "Al Tofola wal Tanmeya" (Childhood and Development), as well as the Annual Statistical Report. The ACCD also issued reference reports on a number of Arab children's issues and problems.

Projects* Events Publications Studies, researches and consultations Partners
53 24 studies and researches, 8 consultations 105 511 105 national, regional and international partners

  • Since 1988.
  • 62 reports and books, 200 periodicals - information materials - annual reports - Press releases.
  • 111 workshops, meetings and conferences and symposia organized by the ACCD, including 4 workshops on children. 41 Arab and international symposia in which it participated.
  • Relevant Ministries in the Arab world, academia, supreme councils and national committees for childhood, and international organizations, public figures, civil society organizations working in the field of childhood, and partners whom the ACCD communicate.