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Nomination Forms




Nomination conditions


1.     Nomination of a pioneering and sustainable project for the AGFUND International Prize constitutes a moral engagement between the Nominator and AGFUND.

2.     The nominators shall not nominate their own projects, or projects in the implementation of which they have participated.

3.     Non-winning projects in a given year may not be resubmitted before three years from the date of their first submission.

4.     For profit projects shall not qualify for Prize.

5.     The nominator shall submit only brief information about the project as requested in SECTION ONE, which is assigned for nominators. Detailed information should be submitted by the implementing agency as requested in SECTION THREE.

6.     The nominator should be an agency or a qualified expert who is thoroughly aware of the project, in terms of design, objectives, target beneficiaries, funding, implementation and successful impact.

7.     Projects dealing with themes or topics other than the specified ones shall be disregarded.

8.     Nominations shall be made for projects that have already been completed or for ongoing projects a phase of which has been completed and evaluated.

9.     Nominations are submitted in two duplicates in any language, provided that a validated translation into English of all documents is attached to the Nomination Form.

10.  For the Third category (assigned for projects by government ministries and public agencies), the eligible projects are those which have been conceived, designed, established, funded and implemented through pure national efforts, without participation of any international organizations or foreign governments.

11.  All parts of the Nomination Form should be properly filled in by providing desired information and complying to the guidelines. In case the desired information are not available or irrelevant, it should be clearly indicated “not available or not applicable”.  )Hand written materials will not be accepted(.

12.  The winners will be asked to sign a letter of Intent, prepared by AGFUND, on how to use the proceeds of the Prize, since the said Prize meant to finance the efforts aimed to support the expansion, sustainability and/or replication of the project.

13.  The documents required from the implementing agency in support of the nomination:  Please send the following together with the Nomination Form, bearing in mind that the documents submitted shall be more qualitative than quantitative:

o    Feasibility Study (if applicable).

o    Project document in full with annexes if any (including budget, work plan, implementation and input, output, etc...)

o    Any amendments made to the project document during implementation.

o    Interim financial and physical reports prepared by the project implementation team.

o    Annual reports covering both financial and physical aspects and highlighting the constrains faced.

o    Monitoring and evaluation repots including impact evaluation.

o    Project final completion report.

o    Any documents that highlight the activities of the project (photograph, video tapes, printed materials, CD).

o    Two Letters of Recommendation from two different entities not related to the implementing entity and acceptable to AGFUND. Please note that each of the project’s two Recommending entities should fill in (SECTION TWO).


14.  The winning organizations shall confirm their participation in the award ceremony by their highest officials to receive the Prize:

o    The chairperson of the organization in the case of international organizations and NGOs.

o    The concerned minister in the case of government projects.

o    The founder of the project in the case of individual projects.

15.  All documents in support of the nominated project shall be sent by the implementing agency via mail or e-mail to the Department of Communications – AGFUND on the following addresses:

o    Mail address: P. O. Box 18371, Riyadh11415, Saudi Arabia.

o    E-mail:

o    Fax: + 966 -1 – 441-2962/63. 

o    Courier address; Prince Sattam Street. Fakhiriya, Riyadh11415, Saudi Arabia

o    Phone: +966-1- 441-8888 ext. (251).

For further information, please visit AGFUND Website: / or contact the Communications Department on Phone #: +966-1- 441-8888 ext. (251).


Guidelines for filling the Nomination Form



1.     In (SECTION ONE - Nominator), please provide clear information about the nominator for ease of reference and further communication and state the reasons that motivated you to nominate the project.

2.     In (SECTION ONE - Nominator) question (3), please circle the category for which the project is nominated.  Each of the four categories is reserved for specific types of projects as indicated in the question.

3.     In (SECTION THREE- Implementing Agency) question (1) please provide clear information about the implementing agency for ease of reference and further communication.  State the type of agency by choosing one of the choices reflected in question (1).

4.     for questions (7) , (8) and (9), please indicate the dates on which the project actually started and terminated, not the “planned” dates.

5.     For question (10) (Project location), please specify the geographic area in which the project was implemented.  If the project was implemented in different locations at the same time, please indicate these locations.

6.     for questions (11) and (12), please clearly indicate the key objectives of the project as stated in the “project document”.  If changes were introduced during the project implementation process, please indicate that with brief justification for the change.

7.     Please provide detailed information on target beneficiaries and their location (question 13).

8.     For question (14) and (15),, we need to assess the participatory approach, if any, for the project design: who was involved in that process and whether the needs of the target beneficiaries were taken into account in the project design through their participation in the design process.

9.     For question (16), please indicate the specific issues/needs or both that prompted the funding, design and implementation of the project.  In other words, please give the justifications for the project.

10.  A key feature of the evaluation is the degree of innovativeness of the project (question 17).  Why do you consider the nominated project innovative and/ or pioneering?  What are the elements of innovation in the project? Were the goals and objectives logically connected and interdependent?  What possible new concepts were introduced that can increase knowledge and experience in the field of human development?

11.  The second major feature of the evaluation is the assessment of efficiency and effectiveness of project management (question 18). We assess the project leadership, implementation strategy, communication with beneficiaries, management of financial resources, transparency and accountability and project review process.  Please provide detailed opinion on the project management process.

12.  The third major feature of the evaluation is the assessment of project impact (question 19).  We need to assess how the project affected the target beneficiaries and what improvements it contributed to their life.  We also assess how the impact, if any, was measured and we seek to know how the services provided by the project would be sustainable.  We would appreciate information on the possibility of continued support by partners for sustaining project benefits through possible expansion and the availability of human and financial resources for these purposes.

 13. Question (20) seeks your assessment of whether the nominated project could be replicable elsewhere either in the same country or in another country. The purpose is to know how valuable this project would be to other beneficiaries and what would be the conditions that may ensure similar value to other target group (s).




Click here to download the electronic version of the nomination form


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Nomination Forms