The Arab Open University


The Arab Open University (AOU) is a non-profit institution that was launched in 2002. The AOU adopts a pattern of  open education spanning traditional and remote education,

relying on the latest technical means to facilitate the delivery of information to students . The AOU headquarters lies in the State of Kuwait, with several branches in Arab states. The AOU endorses a flexible educational system that enables those who missed the opportunity of joining university to realize their dreams, regardless of their age or the date of their secondary school certificate. The AOU also pays exceptional attention to students with special needs; the Students Fund provides support for outstanding students and for those in need.

Degrees awarded by the AOU are: a BA in English Language and Literature, a BSc in Information Technology and Computing, a BA in Business Studies, a BA in Education (elementary, middle and secondary), and a supplementary BA in education. Diplomas: a Diploma in SpeCial Education, and a Higher Diploma in Education.

 Degrees are accredited by the British Open University in the United Kingdom as well as ministries of higher education.Graduates are employed in accordance with government regulations in each state.

 The university has launched graduate studies, awarding a master's degree in the Bahrain branch. The AOU launched an initiative to develop the efficiency of general education In Arab states, and organize Intensive courses for faculty members in cooperation with the WIDE WORLD program at Harvard University. The goal is contribute to future improvements in teaching methodologies, learning, supervision, and educational leadership, in coordination with ministries of education.